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CrystalRainbow Cocktail Party and FW23 Presentation

Crystal Rainbow hosted an unforgettable evening during Copenhagen Fashion Week, where we held an exclusive cocktail party and presentation of our FW23 collection. In collaboration with the artist Andra Wan, we created a dreamy universe of prints, inspired by the elements of nature.

The event took place at a beautiful location at Bobo Food Studio in the heart of Copenhagen. As part of the official event calendar during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Guests were welcomed to an evocative space where they were enveloped in our imaginative designs and details created in collaboration with Andrea Wan. Her artistic expertise and talent in illustrations and fine cuts were clearly reflected in our collection, which is inspired by the beauty and magic of nature.

Our cocktail party was a unique opportunity to experience our FW23 collection up close. The guests were enchanted by the dreamy prints and were led into our sustainable universe.

During the event, guests were able to enjoy refreshments, network and explore our collection. We created a festive atmosphere where fashion, creativity and
sustainability were united. It was an evening where our values ​​and visions were celebrated and shared with our guests.

We are grateful to everyone who attended this magical evening and helped make it a success. It was a special evening that will remain in our memory as a celebration of Crystal Rainbow's unique designs and our commitment to creating fashion with an environmentally conscious focus.

With best regards

Team Crystal Rainbow