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The design philosophy behind Crystal Rainbow

Lea Folmann, the founder and designer behind Crystal Rainbow, is a dedicated force behind the brand's success and vision of making quality accessible to everyone. Her design and craftsmanship are characterized by a sense of detail, functionality and aesthetics. Lea has a passion for creating clothing that is both durable and stylish. Her ability to combine quality materials with timeless design is a central part of Crystal Rainbow's identity. She believes in creating products that can last for many years. With Lea Folmann at the helm, Crystal Rainbow has established itself as a brand that has a clear design philosophy based on seven guiding principles that guide our work. These principles help us create sustainable products by navigating through different techniques, materials and challenges:

1. We are inspired by how you want to use our products for daily use. We strive to meet your needs and expectations through our choice of materials and style.

2. Function and ease of use: We design our products with specific activities and environments in mind. Each pocket and jacket shape is carefully positioned to ensure maximum functionality.

3. Simplicity: We believe that simple designs lead to efficient production, reusability and longevity. We avoid unnecessarily complicated design to ensure simplicity and durability.

4. Materials with minimal environmental impact: We prioritize recycling and avoid using new raw materials when quality recycled materials are available. We closely follow the market development of new and
green measures of materials.

5. Materials with long life and efficiency: We want our products to last a long time. That is why we are always working to improve ourselves and find new durable methods.

6. Emotional Longevity: In addition to ensuring physical durability, we strive to create timeless design. We want our products to not only remain in good condition, but also remain stylish and relevant season after season. We want to create products that will become your faithful favourite.

7. Circular production is an important philosophy at Crystal Rainbow and although recycling is still in its infancy, we are aware of its importance. Therefore, we strive to use few materials in each product to facilitate recycling in the future. All our products go through extensive testing and testing to ensure their quality and durability before they hit the market. We are dedicated to creating sustainable products that can be your reliable companions for many years.